Overview of data volumes in IIoT scenarios - Let's share experiences

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Hello everybody,

I have this question in my mind for quite some time and I'm sure I am not the only one...

Is there a collection of knowledge about how much data traffic different IIoT scenarios bring up?

This information is needed to get an idea of what infrastructure will be needed and (since most commercial offers rely on "pay-per-data volume") to have a rough estimation of costs.

I searched for some kind of data base build up from experiences, sorted by use cases, but did not find any. So why don't we start this kind of database right here in the IIC Community Forum?

Of course, the amount of data always depends on some factors such as frequency and preprocessing. Also, the amount of needed storage capacity may be lower than the amount of sent data, when only selected parts of each message are stored. That's why I propose the following template:

Use Case: <short description to get an impression>

Number of data attributes per message: <Number>

Frequency of messages: <XY Messages/Second>

Data volume per message: <KB/Message>

Data volume per day: <MB/Day>

Used storage capacity per day: <MB/Day>

We may transfer this to an Excel-File once we have gathered some input :)


  • Kilian BaechleKilian Baechle Account Manager

    First example:

    Use Case: Retrofit of a machine by usage of an "BOSCH XDK Sensorkit", which measures environmental data (temperature, acceleration, humidity, etc.)

    Number of data attributes per message: 15 data attributes per message

    Frequency of messages: 1 Message/Second

    Data volume per message: ~320 KB/Message

    Data volume per day: ~26,9 MB/Day

    Used storage capacity per day: ~10 MB/Day

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