Can we apply the same concepts for offices?

Question posed during the "Restarting Operations After The Shutdown" webinar held on 4/28/20 featuring Deloitte Consulting, Airbus and Schneider Electric. Check out the webinar rebroadcast and join our discussion!


  • Yes, We have applied the same concept and actions for all employees including office staff.

  • Yes we had the same policies in offices and relevant buildings. If social distancing was not possible in the office spaces we introduced the red and blue teams to reduce the number of people during the day / shift and empower home-office regulation until the distancing measures can be introduced.

  • Yes, we are applying similar measures to our offices. We extend the safety of our employees in the offices to the mobility routes / commute required. Remote working will remain as office capacity is limited and teaming / shifts are applicable to us as well.

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