Do you have any difficulties protecting your people during commuting?

Question posed during the "Restarting Operations After The Shutdown" webinar held on 4/28/20 featuring Deloitte Consulting, Airbus and Schneider Electric. Check out the webinar rebroadcast and join our discussion!


  • Yes, some difficulties:

    • Self-measure temperature before people left home and wear mask during commuting.
    • Only used maximum 50% of seats in Shuttle Bus at first 1-2 months, to keep social safety distancing.
    • At very beginning when restarting like in Wuhan, only selected people who driving their own car allowed back to work for step by step ramping up.
    • People expected not to use public transportation (Bus, Metro, ...), and driving own car or help by their families to working sites or shuttle bus stations. But very difficulty to ensure 100% people following that.
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