What business challenges does a Digital Twin solve?

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The use of Digital Twins are proliferating according to Gartner research, but it is not always clear what business problems these digital twins are solving. Some of the obvious use cases are simulation, predictive operations/quality/maintenance, and condition monitoring. We have some examples in the IIC Digital Twins for Industrial Applications white paper referenced below, but we've also seen IoT enabled Supply Chain Digital Twins and Digital Twins of Organizations (DTO). The Supply Chain Digital Twin is solving a short term inventory planning and optimization problem. Do you have other examples of the problems that Digital Twins are solving for you?



  • Terrence OHanlonTerrence OHanlon Chairman Reliabilityweb

    In my opinion the business opportunities from digital twin use:

    1) Internal and select external data - available in a connected data environments rather than silos of data . When Cross-functional (smart) team members have new access to data that they either did not have before or it was too difficult to use - they ask better questions and they make better quality business decisions

    2) Data Congruence - role based data collection that could benefit other roles that duplicated similar data collection in the past

    3) Creating the Connected data environment eliminates the separate IT System requirements and cost (technology, support, training, updates, management etc...)

    4) Real time operating data build on top of accurate engineering models provides a brand new holistic view of the opportunities at every phase of the asset lifecycle.

    5) Opportunities for visualization - not just simple images - but visualization built with engineering models - make human interface more effective and intuitive.

    I could keep going to 99 but let's start here.

    Terrence O'Hanlon

    Reliability Leader

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  • Thanks Terrance, great insights.

    We've seen a significant increase in demand for using Digital Twins for remote monitoring for managers and executives that don't have access to information for decision support during the COVID-19 challenge.


  • ken figueredoken figueredo More-with-Mobile

    In the process of an innovation project around the topic of AI and IoT, it became necessary to put some definition around the concept of a digital twin. This provides a baseline for thinking about AI/ML interactions with IoT subsystems and how that translates into delivering value from different types of digital twin. Here's the short description.

  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin
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    The impact of Digital Twins on Digital Transformation was covered in the IIC Webinar titled Digital Transformation – The Next Disruptive Wave Across Industries. You can access a recording of this webinar here.

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