AuI and Healthcare - the formula of the success!

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AuI, Augmented Intelligence, is one of the new things mentioned to support Healthcare services in the Innovation Task Group (ITG) meeting today (4/7/2020, the recorded presentation can be found at IIC Causeway, which I will update when it is ready). The reason why I say I like AuI, better than AI, is I am afraid that the term "AI" has been abused many services. In the Healthcare domain, an automatic diagnosis system with AI, at current stage, will be an easy target for liability law suits. Let's be realistic. Even if an AI can support the diagnosis with 99.99% accuracy, the end-users will not be convinced as the general fear will still be "What if I am one of the unfortunate 10 among the 100,000 patients misdiagnosed by AI?" This “feeling” is way worse than the automatic voice recognition (AVR) making a mistake while you are complaining to a credit company; furthermore, the unreadable “disclaimers” printed on the ads or the machine labels certainly make it worse.

No matter how great the AI developers boasted their systems are, some human-specific things, such as the "trust" to your doctors, cannot be easily quantified and implemented through AI today. On the other hand, if we beef up an IIoT system with sensors (visual, audio, smell, taste and touch); link them with vital-sign measurements and lab testing results, and then feed all these data to analytic engines (alright, you can call them “AI engines” if you want), these can form an AuI service and assist our physicians make a much accurate diagnosis. Yes, doctors, you are not off the hook. Because we trust you!

I am looking forward to seeing the innovations to help advance the AuI technologies for Healthcare services and, eventually, bring up the business success for the companies.

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