Monitored Information Transceiver and Command Host (MITCH) - a new look into “Digital Twins”

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Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO at XMPro and one of the Chairs of the Digital Twin Interoperability Task Group (DTI TG) of IIC, recently posted an article at Forbes, titled “How to hire the right Digital Twin for your company” ( The article pointed out, although the Digital Twin (DT) has been a popular item in IIoT, the usage and the benefits of DT have not been thoroughly discussed. I am most impressed that Pieter wants end-users to “hire a Digital Twin as a trusted advisor” since a mature Digital Twin should be able to answer your questions like “what is going on?”, “what should I do?”, and “what if I do/I don’t?” to help you stay on top of your IIoT service. In short, Pieter just treats a Digital Twin as a super-sized …


This is one step ahead of treating a Digital Twin as merely an “Asset Administration Shell (AAS)”, a passive status monitoring center, or a “War Room” with both status monitoring and some control capabilities. This gives the Digital Twin a facelift and moves it from simply a "sidelined entity" into an "active entity" that should be integrated into the IIoT service mainstream.

What other roles can a DT play?


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    This can be a good way to talk to senior managers about the benefits of adopting Digital Twins.

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