How does Software Trustworthiness help achieve successful Business outcomes?

Simon RixSimon Rix Product Strategist

As technical people, we love to solve problems and deliver solutions.

Achieving trustworthy outcomes from a commercial standpoint is hard, as the technical and commercial domains speak different languages.

How do we ensure that we are building the right solution to solve the business problems?  

The "Software Protection Best Practices" Whitepaper gives some helpful perspectives that the authors felt would assist in helping achieve this.

I would love to hear your thoughts if this paper helps address this problem.



  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin

    Digital Transformation is a journey that allows the organization to respond to with "Mounting Challenges" (competition, emerging technologies, etc.) by transforming itself, its processes and operations and achieve targeted "Better Outcomes". See diagram below.

    One of the underpinnings of the success of this journey is the trustworthiness of the IoT systems that are part of these processes and operations. Software Trustworthiness is one of the foundations of trustworthy IoT systems. A lack of software trustworthiness can thus undermine the success of the Digital Transformation journey itself.

    This paper lays out the Best Practices for building trustworthiness in software and should be considered as an important source of "wisdom" for people with active Digital transformation initiatives.

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