How do we get Trustworthy Software-based IIoT Systems?

Bob MartinBob Martin Sr. Principal Engineer
edited March 2020 in Security


When people talk about having safe, secure, reliable, resilient IIoT systems that uphold privacy expectation they often fail to dig into the details of how you achieve this. A new IIC white paper was published today to help organizations buy, build, operate, and upgrade the software of IIoT systems so they are Trustworthy. See the "Software Trustworthiness Best Practices" white paper. <>



  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin

    The functionality of IoT Systems is becoming more and more software-defined. Thus, untrustworthy software has significant, even life-threatening effects in an industrial context. Some industrial organizations extend the concept of trustworthiness to cover liability, defensibility, explainability, and ethical issues, making the trustworthiness of software in IoT Systems even more important.

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