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Patrice BelmontePatrice Belmonte Product Marketing - Connected Manufacturing admin

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  • KenBriodaghKenBriodagh Editorial Director, IoT Evolution World

    Happy to join the community!

    A short intro -- I'm the editorial director of IoT Evolution World, including the IIoT News Hub, Smart City Sentinel and IoT Evolution Health industry news channels. I'm also the Conference Chair of the IoT Evolution Expo, an IoT thought-leadership event designed to bring the best minds in the IoT, IIoT and Smart City together to grow the industry.

    I'm really looking forward to joining the discussions here and learning from the IIC community. Feel free to reach out any time with questions.


  • RavijhRavijh VLogic Consultancy Services

    Hi All,

    Thank You to IIC for starting this community. It will be a great learning for all.

    Wish You All The Best In Alll Your IOT Endeavours

    Best Wishes,


  • To introduce myself, I am Director Industrial Digital Innovation & OT Security. I am also Innovation Manager certified to the Italian Minister (MISE).

    My target is to help Industrial Organization to a real Digital Transformation based on AI&ML and advice and introduce solutions to avoid cyber attack to critical infrastructures or production plants.

  • Mark MaltbyMark Maltby Supermicro

    Hi all

    im a solutions architect with Supermicro, focused on IIoT, embedded and telecoms applications. I look forward to meeting some of you at IIC events in future



  • Stan SchneiderStan Schneider CEO- Real-Time Innovations (RTI) & Vice Chair- IIC

    I am the CEO of Real-Time Innovations (RTI). We are the largest vendor of connectivity software in the IIoT. We focus mostly on connecting "functional" AI to real-world systems in autonomous vehicle, medical robotics, imaging, & connected devices, air traffic control, avionics, hydropower, wind power, and ships.

  • RyanBatemanRyanBateman Head of Product - Sensorberg

    Hi all,

    I'm Ryan Bateman, the Head of Product at Sensorberg. We build, deploy, and manage a plug-and-play ecosystem for smart spaces - "the nervous system for smart buildings" - across a number of verticals, most prominently large-scale residential and commercial spaces. While our current focus is on security, environment/energy monitoring, and ease of integration with emerging technologies, I'm interested in looking at other services we could provide, including fog computing/edge computing as a service.


  • micharu123micharu123 Director of Medical Security - Harbor Labs


    I am the Director of Medical Security at Harbor Labs LLC. We provide cybersecurity consulting services for medical device manufacturers. This includes collaboration on device/software design, architecture, and security testing integration into the software development life cycle. It also includes vulnerability/risk analysis, penetration testing, applications of cryptography and software development, and, meeting/supporting regulatory and certification requirements.


    In my personal time, I enjoy tinkering with embedded systems, some of which are network connected. I follow the latest developments for cryptographic protocols (like TLS 1.3). I also develop distributed applications that target web platforms and mobile devices, and integrate docker and the cloud.

    With that, really long-winded hello, I look forward to poking about security related posts here and chatting with you all!


    Mike Rushanan (micharu123)

  • Vijay is an innovative Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Expert and Advisor with more than 20 years of success across the information service and technology industry. His broad areas of expertise include Thought leader, Product, and services, program management, consulting, Digital Enterprises Transformation, Integration, Digital Strategy, Business Transformation, Digital Leadership,Digital Emerging Technologies, Architect.

    An eloquent speaker, author, podcaster, blogger, at multiple forums,Tech Talks,Chapters and conferences & written blogs on various Digital Transformation approaches and technology innovations in the areas of IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0,Big Data, ML, DL,AI, Cognitive, AR, VR, 3D ,BlockChain, DevOps

  • Hi,! Everyone ,

    Good day# myself 20+years experience in Sales/Biz dev for Electronics Components/ Eco System etc for IOT Industries in Automotive/Industrial etc

  • Harriet CostaHarriet Costa Project Manager - Industrial Internet Consortium admin

    Hello Kumar,

    Is there anything in particular within Industrial IoT that the Industrial Internet Consortium that you might be interested in discussing?


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