How do you define "Digital Transformation"?

Stan SchneiderStan Schneider CEO- Real-Time Innovations (RTI) & Vice Chair- IIC

The IIC helps companies understand the depth and breadth of the IIoT. The industry rolls up all the changes as "digital transformation", including new products, new technology applied to old products, partnerships, XaaS (anything as a service) business models and more. How does your company define Digital Transformation?


  • Yesterday, we had a good discussion on it at Industrial DX group.

  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin

    Thomas Siebel, the father of CRM, defines DX as follows: "DX is not a series of generational changes in IT or simply the migration of processes and data onto digital platforms. It is a disruptive evolution into an entirely new way of working and thinking, a process could require a full transformation of corporate body parts for new ways of functioning,"

  • Business Transformation using Digital Technologies, focusing on business model innovation, customer experiences or operational excellence.

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