Top digital transformation outcomes in the automotive industry

Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin
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What are the top DX outcomes in the automotive industry… pay per use, pay as you drive, etc.?


  • Sven SchmidbergerSven Schmidberger Technical Compliance Officer

    Always-connected vehicles enable new ownership models in which personal ownership will likely take a backseat to fleet owner/operators offering pay per use and other shared models.

    These potentially mixed fleets (w.r.t. brands) will shift user experience to operator/consumer devices and their content, potentially overshadowing elements of the vehicle's branding (i.e. OEM-skinned infotainment system vs. CarPlay). A crafted integration is necessary to allow OEM-branding to stay visible while meeting operation expectations of seamless productivity when switching brands.

    The transformation also continues to transform the connected car platforms itself; while OEMs are currently deploying their third or fourth generation they are realizing that their solutions are not flexible enough to deal with increased demand for big data and AI projects shifting the ecosystem to involve external partners.

    Other elements of connectivity (i.e V2I) will need to be standardized across brands to ensure they will deliver the anticipated safety benefits.

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