Digital Twins and IoT Trustworthiness - how do they relate?

Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin
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How can digital twins be used to enhance the trustworthiness of systems?


  • Simon RixSimon Rix Product Strategist

    The word ‘Digital Twin’ has a wide variety of meanings.

    One can define a Digital Twin as the online representation of some aspect(s) of an actual operational device.

    Some types of functionality can be modeled mathematically or by means of behavioral modeling. This can be built into a ‘predictive’ Digital Twin. Systems architects can use this model to actively explore how their proposed solutions will react to expected and unexpected operational circumstances. This serves as an active, auditable record of the design and the testing thereof. During development such an approach allows for the actual device functionality to be tested against the model to establish how well it preforms. This methodology engenders trust in the design process and leads to more trustworthy system.

    Other types of Digital Twins are the authoritative holder of a set of measurements taken from the actual device that can be hosted online and probed in some manner.

    The Digital Twin (of either type) can be used to help detect abnormal or unexpected events in operational devices as the expected functionality or measurements of historical activity are actively compared to current device measured activity. To measure is to know and such real time analytic cross-checking functionality engenders trust is it re-assures end users that all is well in their system.

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