Advent of real-world blockchain/DLT applications

evanbirkheadevanbirkhead Strategic Marketing

In which industries do you see your customers and end-users starting to consider blockchain/DLT-based solutions? Is it primarily financial verticals or are there others? Are IoT network challenges leading to this decision? What are the pluses and minuses of adoption?



  • Mike McBrideMike McBride Futurewei Technologies

    We are seeing customers using DLT's (primarily permissioned Blockchain) in everything from shipping container tracking, vehicle identity and history, to energy trading and Blockchain as a fully managed cloud service. Supply chain tracking (fraud prevention, regulatory, traceability...) is the most common use of Blockchain we are seeing.

  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin

    Supply Chain Management must be one of the killer applications for Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain and others). Such technology (along with other technologies like AI and 5G) will facilitate/accelerate the progressive disintermediation of traditional upstream and downstream (of the supply chain) product and service providers.

  • ken figueredoken figueredo More-with-Mobile

    As a label, Blockchain/DLT tends to be bandied about in the same manner as IoT (a few years ago) and AI/ML (at present). Approaching the challenge from an applications requirement perspective, it's apparent that other technologies can solve the underlying problem. Here are some issues to consider -

    It is also important to understand the second-order implications of Blockchain/DLT (permissioned or not). In the case of supply chains, to pick one application domain, participants need to assess the benefits of tracking and tracing alongside the exposure of competitive intelligence. For example, does a business want its supply arrangements - quantities, frequency, variance over time etc. - to be visible to the entire marketplace or the permission-granting entity?

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