What are the regulatory constraints where industrial AI can help?

Mr. K. Eric HarperMr. K. Eric Harper Senior Principal Scientist

The Industrial Analytics Task Group members posed this question in developing the Industrial IoT Analytics Framework (IIAF), but it was never answered. What do you think?



  • Marcellus BuchheitMarcellus Buchheit President and CEO, Wibu-Systems USA

    Regulatory contraints are frequently visible in an industrial organization as challenges around the trustworthiness of the industrial system. This is especially the case around safety and privacy (mostly by law) but also security (mostly by standards). In the IIC Journal of Innovation, June 2019 edition, there is an article about AI helps in to increase the trustworthiness of an industrial system, see https://www.iiconsortium.org/news/joi-articles/2019-June-JoI-AI-Trustworthiness-Challenges-and-Opportunities-Related-to-IIoT.pdf. A good example for privacy could for example an AI-based background process which frequently scans freely available information inside a system and track them for patterns of Social Security Numbers and decide if the usage of this number in this context of information is violating GDPR and other regulations or not.

  • Bassam ZarkoutBassam Zarkout IGnPower admin

    I agree with Marcellus

  • Tim SchroderTim Schroder APJ Sales Manager

    I agree also.

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