Problems that can be solved by patterns ?

Daniel BurkhardtDaniel Burkhardt Ferdinand-Steinbeis-Institute mod

I would be interested in finding problems that can be solved by patterns.

Are you facing a problem for which you think there is already a solution developed? Maybe, this solutions is already defined as a pattern. An expert can lead you to it or we define a pattern together. See for some examples.

For example, a vibrant field at the moment is Artificial Intelligence which provides various solutions for problems in different business domains or verticals. Are you working in this field or a similar field? What about discussing patterns then?


  • Thanks for a good start! I see there is some delay in starting discussions here. But looking forward to following and contributing in the near future. Hopefully more colleagues will see the value of re-using patterns where possible, and help create a community of interest beyond local, task specific models/patterns.

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