Hi, I am Smith Jasson a Mobile App Designer and Developer :)

Hey Pals, I am smith jasson based in Chicago, Illinois the USA working as a lead mobile app designer and marketing operations at Cerdonis Technologies LLC - leading mobile app development company Chicago, that helps other tech startups in building their mobile and web based digital product comprehensively.

Apart from my employment, I also shares my insights and learnings I gained through this journey on various blogs, I like to write and share mobile app designing and development process, practices and steps with modernized approach to take maximum advantage of a technology and mobile or web product experience.

If any of you ever need my help, I will be just a text from your guys, just comment on my posts and I'll see how I can help you.

My goal on this portal is to help other mobile and web products designers and developers, understand new ways of building digital products, and what things they need to focus while building these digital products.

If any of you have a question on mobile or web design and development, let me know in the comment, or message, I'll share things they need to consider for their process of development.


  • For apps, apparently the IOS and android language are different. I think it is close to C# or C, but depending on what you want to focus on, for complicated programming. Roofing NJ

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