The IIC Industry Connect Service is looking for problems to solve

Chuck ByersChuck Byers Associate CTO - Industrial Internet COnsortium

Are difficult to solve technical problems holding your business back? The IIC Industry Connect Service may be able to help. It accepts problems from anyone, refines them into rigorous problem statements, and makes them available for IIC members to propose solutions. This has two potential benefits. First, the Industry Connect Service makes the collective capabilities of IIC members available to solve your most difficult technical problems (things like finding the right sensor or actuator, determining which edge computer, network or cloud service to use, or finding just the right commercial or open source software package). It also provides business opportunities for IIC members who review the stream of problem statements arriving through the service to propose their products or services as solutions. We can explore further with a dialogue in this forum. If you are ready to get started, please go to:

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