Why did you select these 5 specific characteristics of Trustworthiness?

Harriet CostaHarriet Costa Project Manager - Industrial Internet Consortium admin

Why did you select these 5 specific characteristics of Trustworthiness?



  • Bob MartinBob Martin Sr. Principal Engineer

    Great question.

    When most people start talking about Trustworthiness they tend to get lost in details.

    For the IIC security group the question of what does Trustworthiness means for IIoT systems came down to: (1) which characteristics are important for IIoT systems; (2) Which characteristics need to be managed together due to possible conflicts and coupling; and (3) Which characteristics tend to be managed by teams which now need to be integrated rather than run separately.

    The result was these five: Reliability, Resilience, Safety, Privacy, and Security. For a deeper discussion take a look at the pages 6 and 7 of the Journal of Innovation Trustworthiness edition article "Using Metrics in the Industrial IoT Data Value Chain to Drive Trustworthiness". https://www.iiconsortium.org/news/joi-articles/2018-Sept-Trustworthiness-Metrics-Value-Chain-FujitsuNokia.pdf

  • Marcellus BuchheitMarcellus Buchheit President and CEO, Wibu-Systems USA

    The history of Trustworthiness and the 5 characteristics is actually vice-versa: In the early time of the IISF (Industrial Internet Security Framework) there were the 5 characteristics site by site described as essential for a trusted system but there was no name for an overall model. After some research it was detected that NIST uses for these 5 characteristics the word "trustworthiness" so we adapted this as well. Since then we discovered that these 5 characteristics actually met most challenges in a complex industrial system and the whole trustworthiness concept does not keep any important factor out to having a trustfully designed and running system.

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