Would you be able to share any examples how some early adopters avoid the high cost of deployment?

Some industry adopters may feel that the transition from PoC to deployment comes at high costs, especially if they are the "pioneers" or early adopters. Would you be able to share any examples of how some early adopters overcome this?


  • Costs for transitioning from POC to deployment do decline over time, as the overall industry evolves, yes. But the benefit also declines, due to competitive dynamics. What might be a 'competitive differentiating' solution for an early-adopter will be table stakes for a late adopter that may have already lost market share to the early adopter.

    The key thing for the early adopters is to avoid going down technological dead-ends, and needing to rip-and-replace at some later date. Key to achieving that is developing an appropriate technology roadmap, governance structures and a supporting Centre of Excellence function. See these links for some more discussion:

    https://hub.iiconsortium.org/iiot-maturity-assessment - a tool to help understand current and best practice approaches for managing IoT deployment within an organisation.

    https://www.iiconsortium.org/stay-informed/BSIF.htm - including discussion of the support functions that need to be included in a Centre of Excellence

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