What are you seeing at the intersection of IoT and DLTs ...?

 What are you seeing at the intersection of IoT and DLTs? Is there something there (product or monetization/biz models) or just a solution looking for a problem?


  • There are some overlaps between Distributed Ledger and IoT, yes, as discussed to some extent here - https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/14645/408613. We've seen combined DL/IoT applications as diverse as air quality monitoring in an Italian city, pallet tracking for a pallet rental firm in Japan, and IoT-connected flour milling machines using distributed ledger to support data collection.

    In general, there is a real opportunity at the intersection of IoT and Distributed Ledger. But, more often than not, non-Distributed Ledger methods of data sharing will be perfectly sufficient and the deployment of DL alongside IoT tends to be in response to specific project constraints.

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